Our Cancellation Policy
Reservations must be canceled at least 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE FOR NON-HOLIDAY PERIODS and 72 HOURS IN ADVANCE FOR HOLIDAY PERIODS in order to avoid a charge of 50% of the total reservation fee. Lack of payment for late cancellations will affect future boarding. We accept checks (or cash), no credit or debit cards.
Single Pet Boarding Charges
Rates are PER DAY or ANY PORTION of a DAY
Cats (only cats familiar and comfortable with dogs)
Multiple Pet Boarding Charges
2nd dog sharing the same suite
2nd cat sharing the same playpen


Optional Services
Dog or cats oral
medications administered
Per dose
When we supply dog food
Per meal
Exit Baths (start at)
Depending upon degree of difficulty
Boredom Buster Treat
Frozen treat-stuffed Kong
Solo Playtime
Solo play session in garden yard (15 min)
Trip to Park
Personal leash walk through private park
Nature Trail Walk
(for our more active guests)
A walk through our 5 acres of scenic trails
Creek Wading
(temperature permitting)
A fun refreshing frolic in Black Fox Creek
Picnic in the Park with Photos
Photo session and gourmet treat in our
private park at playtime
Birthday Party
(by advance
appointment only)
Doggy hats, pictures, games, party favors and Frosty Paws for up to 4 canine guests